Data Visualization Solutions

Whatever your data analysis needs, our custom solutions impress with stunning, highly actionable visuals. We illustrate complex data in a way that’s not only easy to understand, but also engages your audience and entices them to explore. Suddenly, millions of lines of data are transformed into an interactive application that visually reveals complex concepts and relationships. Our services include:

Data Driven Web Apps

Big Data & Visualization

Break free from spreadsheets and see your data in a whole new light. Visualize relationships, identify trends, and improve strategic planning with evidence-based insights.
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Interactive GIS Solutions

Next Generation Mapping Apps

Apply a visual analysis of your geospatial data to identify future opportunities. Manage your supply chain, identify logistics choke points, and plan future sites.
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Excel to Cloud Conversion

Break Free from Excel’s Limitations

Share your data with your colleagues around the world by moving to the cloud. Store, analyze and collaborate on your data to enhance your productivity.
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Crowdsourcing Databases

Extending Data Collection

Reduce costs, improve quality, and expand suppliers of data collection with real-time web form and SMS messaging data updates directly from "on-the-ground" experts.
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Our Clients

Test Drive Our Portfolio

Interact with some of our favorite projects and see how our work changes the face of data.

Brazil/CONAB Grain Storage Facility Heat Map

Geo-spatial Heatmaps

Visually extract meaningful information from thousands of data points

Storage Facility Decision Tool

Intuitive Data Solutions

Incorporate data visualization and CRM to solve complex problems

Excel to cloud conversion services

Custom Dashboards

Instant collaboration with your global team

Illinois crop yield distribution application

Business Intelligence with R and d3.js

Real-time data analysis with instant metrics to guide decision-making

FTZ Official

Purpose Built Web Apps

Easy-to-use web applications built for a specific target audience

A zoomable treemap and heatmap real-time overview of the entire commodity market

Real-time Market Overviews

Eye-catching visuals draw immediate attention to outlying data or spikes that require immediate action

Nautilytics' US Census Bureau Tiger geocoding service

Geocoding Services

Put your clients on the map

Thematic (Choropleth) map showing USDA NASS corn yields at a county level across the United States.

Fully Interactive Maps

Visualize key data with intuitive colored thematic maps to immediately spot trends

Nautilytics & PIERS Product Suite

PIERS and Nautilytics have developed a strategic partnership to create a suite of products that assist regions looking to expand economic development and nurture prospective foreign investment. These products combine Nautilytics’ technical capabilities in visual analytics with PIERS’ in-depth import/export data. Whether you are looking to expand your business locally or globally, our programs allow you to quickly generate leads based on trade activity.

FTZ Site Selector

FTZ Official™

Highlight savings on over 5,530 imported commodities from 300k+ companies.

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FDI Prospects

FDI Prospects™

Identify key suppliers, increase employment in your area by attracting foreign companies.

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Nautilytics' Product Team

Client Testimonials

  • Lawrence Camp, Division Chief - Private Sector Engagement Division, USAID

    Nautilytics has merged innovative use of GIS technology and crowdsourcing to create the Investment Opportunities Map…it is really a revolutionary tool in catalyzing private investment in agricultural value chains.

    — Lawrence Camp, Division Chief - Private Sector Engagement Division, USAID
  • Santiago Sedaca, President, CARANA Corporation

    After relying on Nautilytics to execute the goals of our principal client, USAID, the resulting dynamic visualization made such an indelible impression that we now always seek to leverage their expertise to give us a competitive leg-up in winning new business.

    — Santiago Sedaca, President CARANA Corporation
  • Image of Craig Ratajczyk, CEO, Illinois Soybean Association

    [Nautilytics'] software will immerse our users in the data and will allow for greater insights. It will also provide a much more efficient and intuitive workspace in which to manage, store, and analyze large complex data environments.

    — Craig Ratajczyk, CEO, Illinois Soybean Association (ISA)
  • Image of Marta Garcia, Dow AgroSciences

    We were all very impressed from the very first day… We agreed on the software being the most powerful visualization tool we had ever seen. The speed and format at which very large data sets are shown are remarkable.

    — Marta Garcia, Early Stage Commercial Assessment, Dow AgroSciences

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